The United Voice for the National Guard

The National Guard Association of the United States is the Guard’s primary advocate in Washington, educating Congress on the roles, capabilities and requirements of the nation’s first military force.

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With your participation, NGAUS is better able to make the case in Congress for a strong, well-equipped and well-trained National Guard in more than 3,000 communities around the country. Joining NGAUS means ensuring America’s defense.

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As one of the largest military lobbying organizations, we work to transform our members' ideas into legislative action & provide states & our members unified representation before members of Congress & their staff on the association’s priorities.

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Aside from the National Guard voice NGAUS brings to Capitol Hill, members also enjoy a variety of benefits that include everything from insurance and other life enhancing programs to various discounts and privileges with a variety of NGAUS business partners.

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142nd General Conference & Exhibition

Aug. 28 - Aug. 31, 2020 | Boston, Massachusetts   

The National Guard traces its roots to Massachusetts militiamen and, 384 years after the first muster in 1636, NGAUS is heading back to Beantown to celebrate the Guard, connect with colleagues, learn and set the next year’s NGAUS legislative agenda. Join us in Boston for the 142nd General Conference & Exhibition.