Write to Congress

Support FedRec Efficiencies in NDAA

Support including House Section 513 in final FY19 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The National Guard Promotion Accountability Act

Support S. 2801 and H.R. 5713 to increase Guard promotions accountability.

TRICARE Reserve Select Expansion

Support S. 1086 and H.R. 5121 to expand TRS to all federal employees who are Guardsmen or Reservists.

Provide Early Retirement Credit Under 12304b

Support S. 2416 and H.R. 5038, the Reserve Component Benefits Parity Act.

Reduce Mileage Limits for Travel Reimbursement

Support S. 697 and H.R. 1687, the Tax Relief for Guard and Reserve Training Act.

Increase Guard Educational Protections, Opportunities

Support S. 473, the Educational Development for Troops and Veterans Act.

Enhance Guard Cyber Capabilities

Support S. 307 and H.R. 1049, the Department of Defense Emergency Response Capabilities Enhancement Act of 2017.

The Military Spouse Job Continuity Act

Support S. 143, a bill to ease the moving burden of military spouses due to PCS orders.