Task Forces


NGAUS Task Forces are special committees appointed by the NGAUS Chairman of the Board and Board of Directors. Task Forces work closely with the NGAUS Legislative staff to provide input on Resolutions and Fact Sheets, and to advise the General Conference Committee on Resolutions. Task Forces members are subject matter experts in their military capacity related to National Guard readiness, modernization, and force structure.

NGAUS Task Force SOP

Army Task Forces
Army Aviation

Chair: Col. Greg Hartvigsen
Vice-Chair: Lt. Col. Jayme Rae

Combat Vehicle

Chair: Maj. Gen. Greg Lusk
Vice-Chair: Col. Jeff Copeland


Chair: Col. Jennifer Mitchell

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Army Sustainment

Chair: Maj. Gen. Allen Harrell
Vice-Chair: Col. Steve Barney
Chief: CW5 Charles Lee


Chair: Brig. Gen. Stefanie Horvath

Fire Support

Chair: Brig. Gen. Russell Johnson

Air Task Forces
Combat Air Forces

Chair: Brig. Gen. Tim Donnellan
Vice-Chair: Col. Erik Peterson

Mobility Air Forces

Chair: Col. Stephen Gwinn

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Combat-Mission Support

Chair: Col. David May

Joint & Personnel Task Forces

Chair: Col. Peter Bickel


Chair: Maj. Gen. Michael Stone
Vice-Chair: Col. Gent Welsh

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Domestic Operations

Chair: Brig. Gen. Ralph Hedenberg