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Don't Fear the Reaper

September 23, 2021
Technology ages fast in the 21st century, especially in the military, where the nation’s adversaries are working around the clock to neutralize America’s prowess on the battlefield. Digital Version The General Atomics-built MQ-9 Reaper may be the... Read More Details

Last Word

September 23, 2021
This is the last time I’ll have an opportunity to talk to you as the chairman of the board. And I want to talk to you about three quick things that we did last year in that virtual convention. Chairman's Report Video Digital Version Three principles... Read More Details

Incentive Pay Parity

THE ISSUE: S.1859/H.R.3626 the National Guard and Reserve Incentive Pay Parity Act ACTION: Immediately contact your Congressional Delegation and ask them to support S.1859/H.R.3626 the National Guard and Reserve Incentive Pay Parity Act Please... Read More Details

White House ‘Strongly Opposes’ Space Guard

September 28, 2021
The White House budget office has officially come out against the creation of a Space National Guard, going against senior National Guard leaders and NGAUS, which has been advocating for the creation of a Space Guard. In a statement of administration... Read More Details

NDAA Passes House by Wide Margin

September 28, 2021
The House overwhelmingly approved its version of the National Defense Authorization Act last week, boosting defense spending beyond what President Joe Biden requested earlier this year. The $768 billion defense policy bill was nearly $25 billion more... Read More Details

Waivers for Army Recruits to Receive Serious Look

July 31, 2018
The Army’s deputy chief of staff for personnel will have to sign off on certain waivers for recruits, according to a new policy released Monday by Army Secretary Mark Esper. This reverses a policy from a year ago that allowed the U.S. Army Recruiting... Read More Details

Army Approves Special Leave Accrual

September 28, 2021
The Army is granting soldiers special leave accrual for fiscal 2021, with the ability to accumulate and retain up to 120 days of leave until the end of fiscal 2024. The move mirrors a similar decision announced by the Air Force earlier this year... Read More Details

DoD, VA Brace for Government Shutdown

September 28, 2021
Officials are bracing for a possible government shutdown this week after Senate Republicans blocked legislation that would have extended the current federal budget past Oct. 1 but also raised the nation's borrowing limit. Senate Republicans prefer... Read More Details

Government Study: Stopgap Budgets Are New Normal

October 5, 2021
Days into the new fiscal year, the Defense Department is working off last year’s budget thanks to a continuing resolution passed in lieu of regular appropriations. That’s been the norm for more than a decade, with Congress now missing the budget... Read More Details