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Space Command Marks Birthday at GuardCon

Washington Report

The nation’s newest combatant command marked its second anniversary among its oldest military force.

The commander of U.S. Space Command, Gen. James H. Dickinson, marked the occasion in Las Vegas at the 143rd General Conference & Exhibition. Throughout his remarks, he repeatedly stressed the important role the National Guard has in the nation’s efforts in space.

Space Command was reestablished Aug. 29, 2019, and has a mission of ensuring the nation does not go without the satellite technology that largely drives our day-to-day lives, from GPS to banking to cell phones.

“No one got here today without the benefit of space in some way, shape or fashion,” Dickinson said.

Guardsmen, especially, understand that importance, he said, highlighting the critical support space plays to civilian authorities during homeland disasters and warfighting operations and the role some Guardsmen have in both their military and civilian careers.

“The Guard is in a unique position to fully understand just how deep space capabilities are embedded in the American way of life and the American way of war,” he said.

Space Command reached initial operating capability in the last week, Dickinson said. The speed at which that was accomplished was credited to a team of “veteran, experienced warfighters” that included Guardsmen.

Dickinson said the command has enduring no-fail missions to support the Joint Force, missions that are not new to the Guard and would not be possible without the Guard’s support.

“We are a stronger force as a Total Force,” he said.