President's Budget Request Increases Defense Spending

OPD budget image
OPD budget image
Washington Report

President Donald Trump is requesting $718 billion for the Defense Department for fiscal 2020, a $33 billion, or 5 percent, increase from the current year.

In all, national defense spending — including Pentagon programs, war costs and nuclear weapons programs under the Energy Department — would increase to $750 billion under the administration's fiscal 2020 budget blueprint released Monday.

The proposal includes $174 billion in Overseas Contingency Operations war spending, which is not covered by the spending caps of the Budget Control Act of 2011, to avoid increases in domestic spending.

The White House is attempting to cut most domestic programs by 5 percent. Democrats are almost certain to oppose the cuts and the use of OCO to avoid the spending caps on defense.

Specifically, the budget calls for an active, Guard and Reserve force of 2,140,300 personnel. It recommends procuring 110 fighter jets and 12 Navy warships — including three attack submarines, three destroyers and the first new guided missile frigate — as well two experimental unmanned surface ships.

Troops would receive a hefty 3.1 percent pay raise next year — up from this year's 2.6 percent, the largest boost in a decade.

Trump's budget also calls for the creation of a Space Force under the Air Force.

The White House released only the budget “top lines” on Monday. It is set to reveal details later this week.

The president’s budget is only a request; Congress determines actual appropriations.

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