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Tulane Partners with NGB

Tulane university
Tulane university
Washington Report

Tulane University’s School of Professional Advancement will soon offer credit towards a graduate degree for service members who complete the National Guard Bureau’s Homeland Security Institute program of study.

The collaboration between the New Orleans-based school and NGB will begin this summer, officials said.

Guardsmen who complete the program will receive up to nine credit hours towards a Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security Studies or a Master of Professional Studies in Emergency Management from the university.

Maj. Chad Cormier, director of the Homeland Security Institute, said the partnership is an opportunity for Guardsmen to increase their skill sets while also building the capacity of the National Guard to execute state and federal missions.

The two masters programs focus on preparing students for work in the fields of intelligence analysis, counterterrorism analysis, cyber security, emergency management, border protection, general security and infrastructure protection.

“We are not only teaching, but we are using the landscape of New Orleans as an experiential learning classroom,” said Michael Wallace, program director and professor of practice in emergency and security studies. “The city offers our students an array of examples to analyze: large-scale public events, chemical, oil and gas, and nuclear plans, and major infrastructure such as levees and ports. Our students use the natural setting of the school as a textbook.”