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2023 Budget Request Due in Coming Weeks

Washington Report

The White House is expected to release its fiscal 2023 budget request in late March or early April, according to reports.

It’s possible the federal government will not have a fiscal 2022 budget approved by the time the next year’s budget request is released.

Lawmakers have yet to come to terms on the fiscal 2022 budget, with the government operating on a stopgap budget measure since the start of the fiscal year.

Reuters reported the overall national defense budget request is expected to be more than $800 billion, with $773 billion for the Defense Department.

That would be higher than the $768 billion topline Congress has authorized for the 2022 defense budget, which is $25 billion more than what was requested in the original Pentagon budget request.

Politico reports the delay in the 2022 budget has impacted the 2023 budget request, with officials still waiting to see what programs will gain or lose funding as congressional appropriators work toward a deal.

Other concerns with the 2023 budget request are high inflation rates and changes to the National Defense Strategy.

Meanwhile, the Defense Department continues to operate with last year’s funding levels. Leaders have repeatedly warned of the short- and long-term impacts of operating under a continuing resolution, which prevents the start of new programs and forces the Pentagon to shift funds from other accounts to pay for rising personnel costs.

Eleven military association and defense trade groups, including NGAUS, have urged Congress to agree on a spending plan in a joint letter to Democratic and Republican leaders.

“It would be a devastating signal to send to our warfighters, their families, our allies and partners, and the dedicated industries that support them, if Congress cannot provide adequate funding for FY22 in a timely fashion,” the Jan. 11 letter reads.