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Guardsmen Supporting Elections Across the Nation

Washington Report

Hundreds of Guardsmen will support the Nov. 3 election, while thousands more will be on standby in case of civil unrest.

Governors of multiple states have requested that Guardsmen assist at polling stations, protect systems from cyberattacks or provide logistical support throughout the day.

The need for Guardsmen has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused a shortage of poll volunteers and other election workers.

Guardsmen supporting the elections will do so on state active duty status, funded by the state and under the authority of the governor, according to the National Guard Bureau.

States have been preparing for this day, with hundreds of Guardsmen participating in cyber exercises. Hundreds of Guardsmen also helped with elections in their home states earlier this year.

Having Guardsmen on standby is a precaution many states are making to keep the public safe should the need arise amid possible protests.

In the last week, at least 10 states have announced they will use Guard troops, if needed. That includes Massachusetts, which has readied 1,000 soldiers and airmen, and Texas, which has 1,000 Guardsmen activated to protect government buildings and landmarks.

And in New Jersey, 240 will help in the processing of mail-in ballots, according to Guard officials.