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May 2020 Update

NGAUS on the Hill

NGAUS continues to engage with the Trump administration and Congressional offices during the COVID-19 national emergency. The legislative staff has been in consistent communication with numerous points of contact to ensure the Trump administration continues to provide the state-led response with federal support, authorities, and benefits for National Guard servicemembers.

Forty-three states, three territories, and the District of Columbia have been authorized to place National Guard servicemembers on federally-funded Title 32 orders as a result of NGAUS advocacy. NGAUS has been at the forefront urging the federal government to provide National Guard soldiers and airmen with access to TRICARE during and after service, as they currently comprise 75% of the Total Force response to COVID-19 and often serve on the front lines with greater risk of exposure. Brig. Gen. (Ret.) J. Roy Robinson, the NGAUS President, appeared on CNN on April 27 to highlight the need to provide medical coverage for the National Guard.

Brig. Gen. Robinson also sent a letter on April 13 to Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Matthew Donovan requesting the Department of Defense (DoD) preemptively qualify National Guard servicemembers for post-deployment transitional TRICARE (TAMP). This would ensure soldiers and airmen, especially those performing missions in direct contact with COVID-19, receive access to federal military health care to treat potential health issues arising from their service in response to the federally-declared national emergency.

Additionally, it was decided on April 14 to transition the 142nd NGAUS General Conference and Exhibition into a virtual conference. The Legislative staff continues to operate the NGAUS resolutions process in the same manner as if the Conference were to be held in-person. NGAUS is preparing to host Resolutions Committees virtually and will soon provide follow-on details regarding scheduling and guidelines.

All state association-approved draft resolutions should be submitted no later than July 31 in accordance with the Resolutions SOP via the NGAUS resolutions database here. The legislative staff will thoroughly review, organize, and distribute all draft resolutions in the usual manner after the submission deadline. Mark Malizia or Blaise Lemke on the legislative staff are available to answer questions or concerns.