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Pentagon Looking to Strip Promotion Process of Bias

Washington Report

The Defense Department is considering removing all personal identifying information from promotion packets in hopes of eliminating unconscious bias.

The move comes months after DoD elected to remove professional photographs from packets.

Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff, said removing information that includes photographs, names, gender and race would create a more level playing field.

“All the service secretaries think this is the way to go,” he said. “They made recommendations to the Secretary of Defense. And those actions are being implemented as we speak. And I fully support them. I think it’s the way to go.”

Pentagon officials are reexamining its diversity and inclusion efforts following nationwide protests against racism and alleged police brutality.

They said the change would ensure promotions are granted based on merit and ability.

“It’s not just diversity for diversity’s sake,” Milley said. “It’s diversity to improve the system, improve the military, improve our problem-solving capabilities and improve our readiness in order to protect and defend the Constitution.”

Another effort underway is the establishment of an advisory committee made up of civilian members from outside the military. The Air Force has already established a similar organization to examine bias across the service’s history and evaluate current policies.