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Minuteman Minute | National Guard Monument

On June 6, 1944, the National Guard’s 29th Infantry Division played an important role in the largest amphibious invasion in human history. Today, at the spot where those brave men broke through sits the National Guard monument, which is dedicated to the fallen National Guardsmen of the World Wars and maintained by the NGAUS.

Hi, I’m Will Roulett, Director of the National Guard Memorial Museum, here in DC, and this is YOUR Minuteman Minute! The allied invasion of Normandy, on June 6th, 1944, was the largest amphibious invasion in history. Of the more than 150,000 allied forces that landed, 4,400 gave their lives to defeat Nazi Germany. The National Guard’s 29th Infantry Division was among the forces that landed on Omaha Beach. The 29th’s Soldiers were from Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. The National Guard Monument, pictured here, sits atop a German pillbox at the spot where those brave men broke through. It is maintained to honor fallen National Guardsmen who fought in the European theater. Located in Vierville-sur-Mer, France, the monument was dedicated on the 25th anniversary of the allied landings. Since 2014, Annin Flagmakers has donated the American, National Guard, and French flags that fly over the monument. Come see this and a whole lot more at the National Guard Memorial Museum. I’m Will Roulett [Look at watch.] and that’s been your Minuteman Minute brought to you by the National Guard Educational Foundation.