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Minuteman Minute | CW4 Clifford Bauman 9/11 Gloves, Helmet & Boots

Chief Warrant Officer Clifford Bauman spent September 11, 2001, sifting through the wreckage at the Pentagon, searching for survivors. For the next year, he struggled with depression and survivor's guilt, which nearly cost him his life. Since then, he devoted his career and life to helping service members get through their own dark times. Learn more at https://cliffordbauman.com/

Hi, I’m Will Roulett, Director of the National Guard Memorial Museum, here in DC, and this is YOUR Minuteman Minute! On September 11, 2001, the world changed for everyone, including Chief Warrant Officer Clifford Bauman. Bauman, a Missouri National Guardsman, crawled through the Pentagon’s horrific wreckage and flooded hallways for more than 18 hours wearing these gloves, this helmet, and these boots as he searched for survivors. Afterward, he put these items away and tried to put the day behind him. However, overcome with survivor’s guilt, he fell into a dark depression and attempted to take his own life more than a year later. Rescued by his brother, Bauman realized he needed help and sought counseling, which he believes made him a stronger Soldier. Since then, he devoted the rest of his military career and civilian life to speaking to service members about PTSD, resilience, and overcoming the stigma around seeking help. A true citizen-soldier, Bauman continues to serve his community, speaking publicly about depression and suicide on his podcast Mental Health Warrior. Come see this and a whole lot more at the National Guard Memorial Museum. I’m Will Roulett and that’s been your Minuteman Minute brought to you by the National Guard Educational Foundation.