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A British Smoothbore Flintlock used at Bunker Hill

This smoothbore Flintlock is on display at the National Guard Memorial Museum as you enter the first gallery.  Found abandoned at Lexington it was not used by the enterprising Militiaman who picked it up until Bunker Hill.

Hello, I am Anne Armstrong, Director of the National Guard Memorial Museum and I am here with the Minuteman Minute!  This smoothbore flintlock musket is a typical example of the primary long arms carried on both sides of the American Revolutionary War.  The barrel is made of steel and is mounted on a stock of rock maple.  This musket belonged to the British 43rd Regiment of Foot and fell into the hands of the Rea family of Lowell, Massachusetts when it was subsequently issued to Pierce Rogers Rea.  Pierce arrived just too late to take part in Lexington and Concord but carried it throughout his service to the Colonies, following after the British to Boston and saw action at the Battle of Bunker Hill.  I’m Anne Armstrong and that’s been the Minuteman Minute brought to you by the National Guard Educational Foundation.