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Reimburse the National Guard

Guard in D.C.

THE ISSUE: National Guard Reimbursement for the Capitol Response mission

ACTION: Immediately contact your Congressional Delegation and ask them to support DoD Reprogramming Action FY21-10 PA to reimburse the National Guard for the Capitol Response mission.



NGAUS strongly urges Congress to approve DoD Reprogramming Action FY21-10 PA to reimburse $520.9 million to the National Guard for the Capitol Response Mission before August 1st. If the National Guard is forced to absorb the cost of the unscheduled and unplanned Capitol Response mission, the lack of funding will impact critical readiness within the Guard and national security.

Guardsmen were activated in response to the events of January 6th, 2021 and, at the request of Congress, provided security to the Capitol Complex until May 23rd, 2021. This was neither a planned nor funded mission. The National Guard footed the bill for this mission, diverting the entire $520.9 million from funds appropriated for P&A and O&M, with the assumption that Congress would replenish the dollars spent.

Without reimbursement before August 1st, the National Guard will be critically affected. Funding shortfalls will trigger the cancellation of drill and annual training, stoppage on maintenance of all aircraft and ground vehicles, reduction of over 2,000 functional and occupational school slots, and potentially causing the furloughing Full-Time National Guardsmen until the start of the new fiscal year. 

Reprogramming Action FY21-10 PA is vital to ensure the National Guard avoids substantial impacts to readiness, lethality, and safety. These funding shortfalls pose a significant risk to the short- and medium-term National Guard, with consequences impacting the organization for multiple years in the future.