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CH-47F Block II Procurement

CH-47F Block II
CH-47F Block II
Army National Guard

The Issue

Despite the Army’s Special Operations planned procurement of MH-47G Block II’s, there are no upgrades planned for the Army National Guard. The ARNG consistently deploys in support of overseas combat operations performing the same missions as the Active Component and provides domestic emergency response. As the Army acquires new equipment and weapons platforms, those systems must be fielded to Active Component and Reserve Component units simultaneously and proportionally to ensure a fully interoperable and lethal Total Force.


Designate procurement of at least 6 CH-47F Block II aircraft for the Army National Guard within the defense appropriations bill. With the vast majority of Army National Guard Chinook units consisting of six aircraft per state, this approach will ensure Army National Guard Chinook units are equipped simultaneously and proportionally to the Active Component for a fully interoperable and lethal Total Force.

Point of Contact

Marcy Weldin
Deputy Legislative Director, Army Programs