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NGAUS Applauds Congress for Reimbursing Guard’s Capitol Mission

Press Release

WASHINGTON (July 30, 2021) — Retired Maj. Gen. Michael McGuire, the NGAUS chairman, and retired Brig. Gen. J. Roy Robinson, the NGAUS president, issued the following statement today on the congressional action to replenish the $521 million the National Guard spent on the Capitol response mission earlier this year.  

“National Guard leaders across the country are grateful to Congress for coming together to pass a supplemental appropriation that will reimburse the Guard for its security mission earlier this year at the U.S. Capitol.

“The action means that the states and territories should no longer be faced with hard financial decisions on canceling training, deferring maintenance, delaying facility repairs and furloughing personnel.  

“That overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate approved the measure shows that lawmakers understand the value of the Guard to the country and the importance of uninterrupted paychecks to Guardsmen and their families.  

“Some work still remains. We trust President Biden will quickly sign the appropriation and the Pentagon will prioritize sending the funds to the field. Only then will this major challenge to readiness and morale be averted.

“But Congress has now set in motion the solution. Guard soldiers and airmen nationwide were there for lawmakers in their time of need. Now, members of Congress have returned the favor. And it appears that an important trust between the nation and its men and women in uniform will remain intact.”

Reporters, Editors & Producers: Retired Maj. Gen. Michael McGuire and retired Brig. Gen. J Roy Robinson are available for interviews or to appear as a subject matter expert on issues related to the National Guard. Contact John Goheen at 202-408-5882 to schedule an interview or appearance.

About NGAUS: The association includes nearly 45,000 current or former Guard officers. It was created in 1878 to provide unified National Guard representation in Washington. In their first productive meeting after Reconstruction, militia officers from the North and South formed the association with the goal of obtaining better equipment and training by educating Congress on Guard requirements. Today, 143 years later, NGAUS has the same mission.