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Congress Begins Work on Fiscal 2022 Budget

Washington Report

The House has set a government funding topline for upcoming budget negotiations while the House Armed Services and House Appropriations Committees have outlined their schedules moving forward.

The $1.5 trillion limit is $17 billion below the budget request made by President Joe Biden.

According to Politico, officials said the discrepancy is largely due to “scorekeeping and technical adjustments, including estimated changes in mandatory spending.”

However, some Republicans have expressed concerns over the difference and whether an attempt would be made to cut defense spending to close the gap.

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., the top Republican on the HASC, warned that “not one cent” of the difference “can come from national defense accounts.”

Meanwhile, committees have announced their upcoming schedules for annual budget and policy bills.

HASC will begin considering the annual defense policy bill in late July, officials said, with a full mark up set in September. The committee will work around the annual August congressional recess, with subcommittees taking up the bill in late July and the full committee resuming in early September.

The House Appropriations Committee began marking up the 12 annual spending bills this week, with plans to move all of them out of committee over a five-week span.

On the Senate side, appropriations chair Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said he hopes to begin markups next month.