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NGEF Board of Directors


Chairman: Maj. Gen. Janson "Durr" Boyles, Mississippi, Term expires 2024

Vice Chair: Maj. Gen. Gus Hargett (Ret.), Tennessee, Term expires 2025

Secretary: Maj. Gen. Joanne Sheridan (Ret.), Louisiana, Term expires 2024

Treasurer: Brig. Gen. Kenneth Ross (Ret.), Louisiana, Term expires 2024

NGEF President: Brig. Gen. J. Roy Robinson (Ret.), Non-voting, Mississippi


Lt. Col. Peter Renaghan (Ret.), Massachusetts, Term expires 2026

Maj. Gen. James "Red" Brown (Ret.), Texas, Term expires 2026

Chris Small, Term expires 2023

Gen. Craig McKinley (Ret.), Term expires 2026

Maj. Gen. Paul Weaver (Ret.), New York, Honorary Member

Col. Dale Allen (Ret.), Tennessee, Honorary Member

Maj. Gen. John Harris, Ohio, AGAUS representative

Master Sgt. Daniel Reilly (Ret.), Connecticut, EANGUS representative