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Conference Committees

Below is for 2022 conference.

Resolutions Committee

Col. Michael Morgan (Ret.), Vermont, Chair (Joint)
Col. Lance Englet (Ret.), Oregon (Army)
Brig. Gen. Harold Reed (Ret.), Wyoming (Air)

Nominations Committee

Brig. Gen. Mike Oster (Ret.), South Dakota, Chair

Credentials & Rules Verification Committee

Maj. Gen. Frank McGinn (Ret.), Massachusetts, Chair

Area I Elections

Maj. Gen. Sheryl Gordon, Alabama, Chair

Area IV Elections

Brig. Gen. Bobbi Doorenbos (Ret.), Arkansas, Chair

Retiree Elections

Maj. Gen. Max Haston (Ret.), Tennessee, Chair

Company Grade Elections

Maj. J.D. Watson, Tennessee, Chair

Warrant Officer Elections

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Bob Nicholson, Tennessee