Committee on Membership

Mission: To attract, develop and retain membership by providing essential tools, support and resources.


Chairman: Maj. Gen. Gus Hargett (Ret), Tennessee, Term Expires 12/31/19
Maj. Gen. Frank Vavala (Ret), Delaware, Term Expires 12/31/19


Area I
2nd Lt. Tyeshia Barfield, Massachusetts, Term Expires 12/31/21

Area II
Maj. Aaron Mix, Ohio, Term Expires 12/31/19

Area III
Capt. Roye Locklear, Florida, Term Expires 12/31/21

Area IV
Col. Barry Vincent, Oklahoma, Term Expires 12/31/20

Area V
Capt. Matthew Skeens, Michigan, Term Expires 12/31/19

Area VI
Capt. Delilah Gavaldon, New Mexico, Term Expires 12/31/21

Retiree Representative
Brig. Gen. Dave Brubaker (Ret), Indiana, Term Expires 12/31/21