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Committee on the General Conference

General Conference & Exhibition SOP


Chairman: Maj. Gen. Jimmie Cole, Tennessee, Term Expires 2024

Area I
Col. Steve Greco (Ret.), New Hampshire, Term Expires 2025

Area II
Lt. Col. Jody Schweickart, Ohio, Term Expires 2026

Area III
Col. Jon Michael Taylor, Alabama, Term Expires 2024

Area IV
Lt. Col. Keith Marshall, Kansas, Term Expires 2025

Area V
Lt. Col. Quenten Johnson, South Dakota, Term Expires 2026

Area VI
Capt. Rasheeda Bilal, California, Term Expires 2024

Brig. Gen. Bobbi Doorenbos (Ret.), Arkansas, Term Expires 2025

Warrant Officer
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Bob Nicholson, Tennessee, Term Expires 2024

Company Grade
Capt. Thomas Flores, New Mexico, Term Expires 2026

Executive Director
Col. Mike Williams (Ret.), Wisconsin

Previous Conference Experience
Col. Don Deering (Ret.), Tennessee

Ex-Officio Member

Maj. Gen. Janson "Durr" Boyles, Mississippi, Term Expires 2024

Advisors To The Committee

CAP Representative
Darin Gilderoy, Stanley Black & Decker, Vidmar/Lista

NGAUS Conference Coordinator
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jim Simms (Ret.)

NGAUS Industry Liaison
Blaise Lemke

NGAUS Conference Contracts
Laurence Temple

General Services Contractor
Mike Webb, Shepard Exposition Services

Tradeshow Sales & Registration
Chris Price, Tradeshow Logic