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Committee on Finance


Chairman: Maj. Gen. James Hoyer (Ret.), West Virginia, Term Expires 12/31/24


Ex-Officio Member: Brig. Gen. Kenneth L. Ross (Ret.), Louisiana

Ex-Officio Member: Maj. Gen. Janson "Durr" Boyles, Mississippi

Ex-Officio Member: Maj. Gen. Francis M. McGinn (Ret.), Massachusetts

Past Chairman: Lt. Col. Peter Renaghan (Ret.), Massachusetts

Area Contacts

Area I
Col. George Harrington, Massachusetts, Term Expires 12/31/24

Area II
Col. Evert Hawk II, Maryland, Term Expires 12/31/25

Area III
Col. James Wells (Ret.), Tennessee, Term Expires 12/31/24

Area IV
Brig. Gen. Ed Giering, Louisiana, Term Expires 12/31/24

Area V
Col. Ravi Wagh, Michigan, Term Expires 12/31/25

Area VI
Col. Gene Whitmore, Utah, Term Expires 12/31/25