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Company Grade Committee


Director (Army): Capt. Ryan Peterson, Massachusetts, Term Expires 2024
Director (Air): Capt. Thomas Flores, New Mexico, Term Expires 2025


Area I 
2nd Lt. Joe Colavito (Army), Connecticut, Term Expires 2025
Capt. Matthew Murray (Air), New York, Term Expires 2024

Area II 
1st Lt. Robert Moore (Army), Kentucky, Term Expires 2024
1st Lt. Sammi Brown (Air), West Virginia, Term Expires 2025

Area III
Capt. Kevin King (Army), Florida, Term Expires 2025
Capt. Stephen West (Air), Tennessee, Term Expires 2024

Area IV
Maj. Quatiara Brewer (Army), Louisiana, Term Expires 2024
1st Lt. Ashlyn Hendrickson (Air), Arkansas, Term Expires 2025

Area V 
Capt. Manny Cherry (Army), Illinois, Term Expires 2025
Capt. Evan Littrell (Air), Nebraska, Term Expires 2024

Area VI 
Capt. CJ Beckmann (Army), Utah, Term Expires 2024
2nd Lt. Khristen Huey (Air), California, Term Expires 2025