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Patrick Henry Award


One of the newer awards, created in 1989, is the Patrick Henry Award (the civilian counterpart to the NGAUS Distinguished Service Medal). The Patrick Henry Award is designed to provide recognition to local officials and civic leaders, who in a position of great responsibility distinguished themselves with outstanding and exceptional service to the Armed Forces of the United States, the National Guard or NGAUS.


Any civilian, not eligible for an award in any other NGAUS category, may be nominated for the Patrick Henry Award. Primarily designed for recognition of local officials (city, county, state), civic leaders (ESGR, civilian aides, corporate CEOs) and legislative staffers.


This award is a walnut plaque with a laser-likeness of Patrick Henry centered at the top of the award.  Above the image of Patrick Henry is the inscription “The Patrick Henry Award” and below the image the recipient’s name and date the honor was received.  Also, written below the image is “National Guard Association of the United States.”


An individual must have distinguished him/herself over an extended period of time in their support of the Armed Forces of the United States, the National Guard or NGAUS.

Superior performance of normal duty alone will not justify award of this honor. An individual must have provided exceptionally strong support for the National Guard to clearly merit this award. The support of the individual must be such that the readiness and the future of the Guard have been positively affected and the results of the support should remain beyond the individual’s affiliation with the National Guard.

Service narrative should provide specifics as to the nature, e.g., legislation passed and enacted, versus sponsored; and the period of service being recognized be clearly stated.

Nomination and Selection Procedure

Any member of the Awards Committee, the Board of Directors or an elected officer of NGAUS, state association President or Adjutants General may nominate an individual to receive this award. An individual may not receive more than one Patrick Henry Award. More than one award may be given in a calendar year.

Sample Write-up