AH-64 Battalions Equipped at 24 Aircraft

AH-64D Apache Helicopter on landing strip
AH-64D Apache Helicopter on landing strip
Army National Guard

The Issue

Active component battalions are fully equipped at 24 aircraft and Army National Guard Apache battalions are equipped at 18 aircraft. In today’s global threat environment, the Army National Guard is not currently operating at the equipping requirement.


Continue to designate additional AH-64 aircraft to the Army National Guard to ensure National Guard AH-64 battalions are operating at 100% of the equipping requirement.


  • The Chief of the National Guard Bureau has identified organizing and equipping National Guard units identical to the active component as a top National Guard equipment priority.
  • Mirrored organization and equipping is a top priority of the NGAUS Aviation Task Force.
  • With the current funding levels and increase in Department of Defense acquisition, there is clear need and ability to equip the four Army National Guard Apache Battalions at 24 aircraft each.


Out of the National Commission of the Future of the Army (NCFA), the Army Aviation Restructure Initiative (ARI) decision determined four Apache Battalions were selected to remain in the National Guard. The Army National Guard Apache battalions are each currently equipped at 18 aircraft, while their active component counter parts are equipped at 24 aircraft per battalion.

Army National Guard Apache Battalions are required to perform the same missions abroad as their active component counterparts, yet are currently equipped at 75% of Modified Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) requirements. Currently, most Army National Guard Apache Battalions are required to utilize aircraft from other units to meet the 24 aircraft MTOE requirement to deploy in support of U.S. overseas contingency operations.

For the last several years, NGAUS has advocated for funding to organize and equip Army National Guard aviation units the same as active component counterparts. Thanks to Congress, funding was included in the FY19 Department of Defense appropriations legislation to designate 6 AH-64 Apache Block IIIB new-build aircraft to the Army National Guard. However, continuing to designate additional aircraft to Army National Guard Apache battalions in FY20 is critical to ensuring National Guard Army aviation is a ready capable and operational force in today’s threat environment.

Units Impacted

NC:    1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 130th Aviation Regiment
SC:    1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 151st Aviation Regiment
TX:    1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 149th Aviation Regiment (includes a company from the Mississippi National Guard)
UT:    1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 211th Aviation Regiment

Point of Contact

Adrienne Jackson
Legislative Affairs Manager, Army

Army National Guard