State Visits

Although state visits to NGAUS are welcomed at any time during the year, many states schedule their “Hill Walks” during February and March following the submittal of the President’s budget to Congress the first week of February, which “kicks off” the legislative process for the upcoming fiscal year.

State visits to NGAUS should be coordinated well in advance with the NGAUS staff.
State Visits/Reception Request Form
The National Guard Memorial (NGAUS headquarters), is located a few blocks from the Capitol, House, and Senate office buildings, and only one block from Union Station and the Metro. It is home to the only National Guard museum in Washington, D.C.

The Hall of States in our building is the perfect location to host a reception (either do-it-yourself, or we can assist with catering recommendations) which is an easy stop for Hill staffers and Members of Congress. The Montgomery Room creates a highly professional atmosphere for briefings or round table events, and state-of–the-art audio/visual equipment is available in both meeting areas.

The NGAUS staff is able to accommodate most requests, and is ready to assist with legislative, industry, communications, membership or other update briefings. We also offer a tour of our museum either before or after you conduct your business.