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July 2, 2012 | funding, Senate
Senate Republicans are floating the idea of establishing House-Senate working groups as a way to forge a compromise plan to avoid massive defense budget cuts in the coming year. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH.) said that forming the bipartisan working groups would be a critical piece in getting lawmakers in both chambers on the same page regarding the automatic defense cuts under sequestration. On... Read Full Story
June 29, 2012 | Army National Guard, House of Representatives
House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Buck McKeon (R-CA), sent a letter yesterday to the House Rules Committee arguing that the provision in the Appropriations bill related to prohibiting the use of funds for sports sponsorship is subject to a point of order.  In essence, he is arguing that the provision is authorizing in an appropriations bill, which he believes goes beyond what the... Read Full Story
June 27, 2012 | Air National Guard, Defense Appropriations, Defense Authorization, Senate
Last week the Department of Defense in a letter to Congressional members announced that it will stop scheduled Air Force transfers until Congress finalizes the 2013 budget. This is long overdue considering both the House and Senate months ago included language in the National Defense Authorization Act and Defense Appropriations to halt any FY13 transfers or cuts denoted in this year’s Air... Read Full Story
June 26, 2012 | Air National Guard, Army National Guard, military construction
"Hurry up and wait." - It's a familiar expression long associated with life in the armed forces: the endless lines, the delays while an assignment is being readied, or the long night before a major event. It's an expression we're becoming pretty familiar with, as well. NGAUS came out of the gate strong this year after the President's Budget was released in... Read Full Story
June 22, 2012
Don't worry, loyal readers. We didn't die of heat stroke this week when temps shot up to "ZOMG, do we live on the sun!?" However, we're convinced that someone should engineer suits made of that Under Armour Heat Gear stuff since wool suits are crazy hot, and we've never been able to pull off the Seersucker.Actual temp. reading in Dupont Circle on WednesdayWhat we've been up to....On Monday, we ... Read Full Story