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October 11, 2012 | Air National Guard
The National Governor’s Association (NGA), founded in 1908, is a bipartisan organization composed of the nation’s Governors. NGA works to promote visionary state leadership, shared best practices as well as speaks with a collective voice on national policy. This year in particular, NGA was instrumental in fighting against the Air Force’s decision make cuts disproportionately to... Read Full Story
October 10, 2012 | Congress
Influential staffers on key defense related committees are reaching out to congressional members in order to open a dialogue on how to proceed on this year’s National Defense Authorization Act. As one of the key pieces of legislation to be put forth after the elections, Senate leaders have been embattled on how to proceed on the bill once it hits the Senate floor. Senate Majority leader... Read Full Story
October 2, 2012 | Congress, Department of Defense, funding
Last week the Office of Budget and Management (OMB) circulate a memo to the heads of executive departments and agencies to clarify issues raised by the potential impact of sequestration as set forth by last year's Budget Control Act. In the memo, OMB stated it would be holding discussion on issues with agency staff over the coming months to develop plans for operations for FY13. In response... Read Full Story
October 1, 2012
Are you a defense policy nerd like us? If you answered "yes", you must be awesome! Just kidding, just kidding. But should also apply for this job. Legislative Assistant, Army Programs NGAUS seeks an individual experienced in legislative affairs to serve as the primary assistant to the senior legislative affairs manager for Army National Guard programs. Duties... Read Full Story
September 28, 2012 | Congress, personnel, Senate, Veterans
Via Army Times: The Senate was unable to pass the bill that would provide a cost-of-living adjustment in veterans’ compensation before Congress left town on Sept. 22 for a six-week pre-election break, raising the possibility that the payment increases could be late. The postponed bill would provide almost 4 million veterans and survivors the same Dec. 1 percentage increase going... Read Full Story