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By Adam Maisel | December 31, 2013 | Air National Guard, Army National Guard, Congress, Cyber Security, Defense Appropriations, Defense Authorization, Department of Defense, House of Representatives, Pay and Benefits, Senate
As 2013 draws to an end, there is a strong sense that change is in the air. The United States finds itself winding down a major ground campaign in Afghanistan and pivoting its security doctrine towards the Pacific. New threats in the cyber domain have placed additional roles for our nation’s military. In Washington, partisan squabbling resulted in a government shutdown and a last-minute... Read Full Story
By Mary Catherine Ott | December 13, 2013 | Air National Guard, Army National Guard, Congress, Defense Authorization, Department of Defense, equipment, funding, House of Representatives, modernization
It is the National Guard’s Birthday week, and a lot of things happened! WEPTAC The Air National Guard held its 32nd Annual Weapons and Tactics Conference (WEPTAC) this week after being pushed back due to the government shutdown in October.  Warfighters from across the country gathered in Tucson, Ariz., to interact, discuss and share their missions, weapons and tactical... Read Full Story
By Amelia Meyer | December 12, 2013 | NGEF
The first artifact that greets visitors as they enter the National Guard Memorial Museum’s Militia Era Gallery is not a relic from the historical first muster 377 years ago, but is instead a tribute to that momentous occasion—a diorama of the first muster created by sculptor Andrew Chernak. Read more. Amelia Meyer is curator for the National Guard Educational Foundation.  
By Joel Mutschler | November 15, 2013 | Air National Guard, Army National Guard, Congress, Defense Appropriations, Department of Defense, Domestic Response, funding, personnel
The National Guard is America’s first military organization and for 377 years the men and women of the National Guard have proven they can meet any challenge. Since the tragic events of 9/11, the National Guard has transformed from a strategic reserve into an operational force. As our military shifts towards a new defensive strategy, we must recognize the value and capability the National... Read Full Story
By Adam Maisel | November 1, 2013 | Army National Guard, Department of Defense
A recent TIME Magazine article by Mark Thompson, “Reshaping the Army,"  argues that the United States Army is at a crossroads, struggling to find its role in an uncertain budgetary future.  After over a decade of conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq, an Asian “pivot” that focuses primarily on increased naval and air power and a shift towards irregular and hybrid... Read Full Story