NATIONAL GUARD magazine March 2018By John Goheen(read online digital version) Guard Apache force structure is now officially determined, but its long-term relevance remains far from certain SOME IN THE NATIONAL GUARD saw the Army’s long-delayed announcement identifying the four Army Guard AH-64... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine March 2018By Adam Stone(read online digital version) New GI Bill extends education benefits to more Guardsmen and eliminates the expiration date FIRST LT. THANH TRUONG of the Iowa Army National Guard would like to use his GI Bill benefits to chase a master’s degree. Until... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine March 2018 Washington UpdateBy Retied Brig. Gen. Roy Robinson IT’S HARD TO FIND FAULT with the relationship the National Guard has now with both the Air Force and the Army. It’s easily the best it has been since I first donned the uniform in 1983. The Air Force readily... Read more
March 2018 AH-64 Apache helicopters will remain in the Army National Guard. That’s the good news. The less-than-good news is that the Guard battalions have fewer aircraft than their active-component counterparts. And Guard pilots have a hard time getting into the school at Fort Rucker, Alabama.... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine February 2018 Chairman’s Message WE MAY HAVE SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE next month on the fiscal front, but I wouldn’t go ordering Champagne quite yet. It’s not that I’m a pessimist; just a realist. Our elected representatives in Washington have an obligation to fund the... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine February 2018By Ron Jensen(read online digital version) Survey finds mounting frustration over the lengthy federal-recognition process for promotions that many report is taking longer than ever AFTER MUCH THOUGHT AND CAREFUL CONSIDERATION, the state of Utah promoted Chief... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine February 2018By Adam Stone(read online digital version) Federal law blocks thousands of Guardsmen from enjoying a major NGAUS victory: low-cost health care AS THE BASE SERVICES MANAGER AT THE 190TH AIR REFUELING WING on Forbes Field Air National Guard Base, Topeka, Kansas,... Read more
February 2018 A NGAUS survey that asked National Guard officers about the federal recognition process received more than 3,100 responses and the result was not good for the promotion system. Some have waited nearly a year or longer for Pentagon approval of their promotion. And they’re not happy.... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine January 2018 Chairman’s MessageBy Maj. Gen. James Hoyer(read online digital version) MANY OF YOU have heard the questions, especially if you’ve been on the working end of a NGAUS membership drive. Typically, they come from National Guard officers who’ve heard of this... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine January 2018(read online digital version) Guard leaders, troops worldwide celebrate the birthday of nation’s oldest military organization NATIONAL GUARDSMEN on duty from Texas to Tunisia paused Dec. 13 to mark the Guard’s 381st birthday. They ate cake, presented awards and... Read more