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NGAUS Washington Report May 22, 2018 Little opposition is expected for legislation that would provide veterans a wider choice for private medical care. The VA Mission Act, H.R. 5674, easily passed the House last week and has support in the Senate, including from the top Democrat on veterans issues... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report May 22, 2018 Even with legislation introduced in the House drawing attention to the issue of burn pits, veterans still think Congress is unaware of the problem and fear it could become the Agent Orange of the war on terrorism. “We’ve had an overflow of veterans sharing... Read more
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NGAUS Washington Report May 15, 2018 The National Guard troops now on the border with Mexico are forbidden from using their surveillance gear to look across the border, the New York Times reports. “We are not doing foreign-intelligence collection on the border,” Lt. Col. Jamie Davis, a Defense... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report May 15, 2018 The Air Force will begin transitioning to the operational-camouflage pattern uniform this year and all airmen will be wearing the uniform by April 2021. The Air Force announced Monday that it is adopting the OCP uniform worn by the Army as its official utility... Read more
WASHINGTON (May 8, 2018) — National Guard officers may no longer have to wait 250 days or more for federal recognition of their promotions thanks to bipartisan bills introduced in Congress today.   The National Guard Promotion Accountability Act, which has the full support of NGAUS, would also... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report May 8, 2018 Service members who served near burn pits in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere would have that fact noted in their health assessments and included in their records when they leave the military under legislation now in the House of Representatives. Rep. Tulsi... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report May 8, 2018 Service members would be required to have one-on-one career-oriented counseling one year before leaving the military if legislation introduced by Rep. Jodey Arrington, R-Texas, becomes law. The counseling, which is now suggested but not mandatory, would evaluate... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report May 8, 2018 Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, wants an independent commission to look into recent military-aviation accidents and determine why they are happening. He introduced Monday an amendment to the 2019 defense... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report May 8, 2018 NGAUS expects bipartisan legislation to be introduced today in the House and Senate that would provide National Guard officers with back pay to the date of their state promotions once their boost in rank is recognized by the Defense Department. It would also... Read more