NGAUS Membership Makes the Guard Stronger

The mission of NGAUS is a simple one.

We strive to advance the best interests of the National Guard with members of Congress, the men and women who make the laws and create the budgets that equip Guard units, prepare Guardsmen for missions at home and overseas, and provide Guard members and their families with the health care and other benefits their service has earned.

But simple does not mean easy.

It is essential that lawmakers know that NGAUS has an active and informed membership that supports its goals and is ready to take action to reach those goals. In Washington, D.C., just as on the battlefield, there is strength in numbers.

Joining NGAUS is your opportunity to shape the future of the force. 

Individual Member    Corporate Member 

Voice on Capitol Hill

Your voice will join with those of your fellow Guardsmen to ensure the needs of the National Guard are known in Washington, D.C.


This award-winning monthly publication keeps NGAUS members updated on issues that impact the National Guard and offers insights on the association’s efforts to address them.

Benefits and Discounts

NGAUS members and their families have exclusive access to insurance products through the Insurance Trust, and can take advantage of various discounts offered by the association’s corporate members.

Professional Development

NGAUS offers several professional development opportunities each year, including during its annual general conference.

Social Media Connection

NGAUS is fully invested in social media as a way to communicate with members. NGAUS members know right away when Congress is working on legislation affecting the Guard and how they can exert their influence.