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F-16 Viper & A-10 Thunderbolt Modernization

Air National Guard

The Issue

Air National Guard F-16s and A-10s make up a significant percentage of the Total Air Force fighter fleet. The F-16 Viper, a multirole air superiority aircraft, and the A-10 Thunderbolt, a close air support aircraft, deploy in support of overseas contingency operations and perform domestic emergency response missions. However, each platform requires modernization and technology enhancements to continue to maintain readiness and lethality in the future.


  • Continue designating active electronically-scanned array (AESA) digital radars for Air National Guard F-16 aircraft within defense appropriations legislation
  • Continue funding F-16 cockpit and communications system modernization within defense appropriations legislation
  • Continue to provide funding for A-10 wing replacements within defense appropriations legislation

F-16 States & Units

AL: Montgomery, 187th Fighter Wing
AZ: Tucson, 162nd Fighter Wing
CO: Aurora, 140th Wing
DC: Joint Base Andrews, 113th Wing
IN: Fort Wayne, 122nd Fighter Wing
MN: Duluth, 148th Fighter Wing
NJ: Atlantic City, 177th Fighter Wing 
OH: Toledo, 180th Fighter Wing
OK: Tulsa, 138th Fighter Wing
SC: Eastover, 169th Fighter Wing
SD: Sioux Falls, 114th Fighter Wing 
TX: San Antonio, 149th Fighter Wing 
WI: Madison, 115th Fighter Wing

A-10 States & Units

ID: Boise, 124th Fighter Wing
MD: Baltimore, 175th Wing
MI: Selfridge, 127th Wing

Point of Contact

Russel Read
Legislative Affairs Manager, Air Programs