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Continued National Guard Integration in the Total Force Cyber Mission & Training

Guard Cyber
Guard Cyber

The Issue

The National Guard is and should continue to be a critical partner in developing, planning, and executing the Department of Defense strategy in the cyber domain.


  • Ensure the National Guard is fully resourced to support all facets of cyber operations, including improving the current cyber training pipeline
  • Allow the National Guard to serve as a conduit for cyber operations between federal, state, and local governments, as well as the private sector
  • Establish in each state, territory, and District of Columbia National Guard Cyber Security Incident Response Teams to perform analysis, protection, and respond to emergencies
  • Provide additional full-time staffing authorizations to build the Defensive Cyber Operations Element (DCOE) and robust full time support to conduct network defense

Point of Contact

Julian Plamann
Legislative Affairs Manager, Joint & Personnel