Improved Mental-health Care for Guardsmen


The Issue

National Guardsmen and Reservists face unique mental-health challenges compared to active-component service members, such as limited access to timely, quality care and programs tailored to reserve-component operational needs.


  • Increase funding for embedded psychologists and full-time chaplains within Army and Air National Guard units.
  • Establish a more integrated and holistic approach to resilience and fitness across the National Guard to better assess and improve the operational readiness of Guardsmen.
  • Provide funding for pilot programs to study unique behavioral-health issues among Guardsmen.
  • Increase access to mental-health care for Guardsmen, including at VA veterans centers.
  • Utilize emerging technologies for Guardsmen in rural areas, including telehealth services.
  • In fiscal 2019, authorize and appropriate funding for a pilot program to study mental-health readiness of reserve-component service members.