Continued A–10, C–130H, F–15, F–16 Modernization Funding

Air National Guard

The Issue

Continued modernization and sustainment funding is required to ensure the safety, reliability, and effectiveness of Air National Guard A–10 Thunderbolt, C–130H Hercules, F–15 Eagle, and F–16 Viper aircraft.

The Fix

The fiscal 2018 Omnibus Appropriations bill provided:

  • $103 million for A–10 wing replacements, which is $83 million more than fiscal 2017 levels
  • $144 million for C–130H modernization
  • $210 million for F–15 Eagle electronic warfare systems and $10 million for F–15 Eagle Infared Search and Track
  • An additional $40 million for F–16 AESA Radars