Issues & Advocacy

Issue: Military Construction

Funding for military construction and modernization is critical to providing safe and functional facilities for training and mobilization.

Issue Overview

Modern and functional facilities enable members of the Army and Air National Guard to be trained and ready for their federal and state missions. With strong Congressional support, the Air and Army National Guards have been able to build, renovate and modernize readiness centers, training ranges, aviation facilities and logistical support centers. The National Guard Bureau and states clearly identify, qualify and prioritize critical Military Construction (MILCON) and Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (SRM) projects.

What's At Stake?

Aging critical infrastructure – including readiness centers that are on average over 50 years old – combined with budget constraints, will create unavoidable challenges. The total Army National Guard military construction program requirement, established in 2007, was estimated to be $1.5 billion per year for 20 years. And, the Air National Guard faces a Military Construction backlog of nearly $2 billion.

Although Congress has been very supportive of National Guard military construction, much more is needed to ensure the National Guard is able to provide safe and functional facilities for training and mobilization. Continued robust funding is necessary to ensure National Guard facilities meet established standards and requirements.

NGAUS continues to work with Congress on the total sum of funding allocated for the National Guard, but NGAUS does not address individual state MILCON projects.