Issues & Advocacy

Issue: Funding for Equipment and Modernization

Funding for equipment and modernization is critical to ensuring the National Guard is properly equipped to respond both overseas and domestically.  NGAUS plays an essential role in advocating to Congress and our industry partners to upgrade, modernize and when possible, recapitalize Army and Air Guard platforms.

Issue Overview

The National Guard receives equipment funding from three main sources:

  • Their parent services, the U.S. Army and Air Force
  • Congressional additions, provided by Congress for specific projects, programs or grants
  • National Guard and Reserve Equipment Account (NGREA), which provides Congressionally-added funding for the National Guard and other reserve components to acquire new equipment and rebuild, refurbish and modernize existing systems

What's At Stake?

Congressional adds have historically helped to fund the National Guard and ensure equipment levels were met year after year. However, Congressional adds are not as common today as they were in past years, since there is a current ban on earmarks. For this reason, the National Guard has come to rely on NGREA to fund critical equipment shortfalls and upgrades to our aging equipment.

In the last several years, Congress has dedicated over $5 billion to this account to properly equip the National Guard as an operational reserve fully involved in operations overseas and domestically. While that funding has been critical to ensuring that the National Guard is properly equipped to respond both overseas and domestically, both the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard still experience equipment shortfalls.