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Big Step (NATIONAL GUARD, August 2018) Washington Update
When the reforms are in place, Guard officers should no longer face months of frustrating delay for their promotions.

NDAA Addresses Fedrec, Kills New JSTARS Aircraft (July 24)

NGAUS Pushes Fedrec in NDAA (July 17)

'Fix This' (NATIONAL GUARD, July 2018)
Sponsors of fedrec legislation are pushing hard this month to pass a solution to long waits for Guard officer promotions.

Fedrec Bill Sponsors Cautious Ahead of NDAA Discussions (July 3)

Senate Bill Includes Different Fedrec Policy Fix (June 19)

House, Senate Differ on 'Fedrec' Legislation (NATIONAL GUARD, June 2018) Letters & Updates

White House Opposes 'Fedrec' Legislation (June 5)

Legislation: Back Pay for Promotion Delay (May 8)

National Guard Promotion Accountability Act

NGAUS Release

Legislative Alert | Rep. Shea-Porter Video | NGAUS Video

Congressional Release wtih Bill Text and Fact Sheet

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NGAUS At Its Best (NATIONAL GUARD, May 2018)
Chairman's Message by Maj. Gen. James Hoyer
A bill to fix the 'fedrec' process proves your voices are being heard in the halls of power.

Back Pay for Promotion Delays? Maybe (April 17)

SECARMY Says Fedrec Wait 'Unacceptable (NATIONAL GUARD, April 2018) Letters & Updates

Video (April 2018)
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren questioned Secretary of the Army Mark T. Esper during a Senate Armed Services Committe hearing, the delays of National Guard members receiving federal recognition and their lack of pay for the higher ranking jobs they are performing.

Waiting for Fedrec (NATIONAL GUARD, March 2018)
Letters & Updates

NGAUS 'Fedrec' Survey Finds Frustration (Feb. 20)

Hurry Up & Wait (NATIONAL GUARD, Feb. 2018)
Survey finds mounting frustration over the lengthy federal-recognition process for promotions that many report is taking longer than ever

NGAUS Facebook Video Asks for Your Help (2017)
Guardsmen were asked to participate in a brief survey regarding the Federal Recognition process (FEDREC) for officer promotions. SURVEY CLOSED IN DECEMBER.