Conference Theme Contest

NGAUS is looking for a theme for the 140th General Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans next year. The theme should be short (two to five words), topical, capture the essence of the National Guard and be able to follow the words "The National Guard" or "America's National Guard." Last year's theme was America's National Guard: The Indispensable Force. The member submitting the selected theme will receive complimentary conference registration. Deadline is Nov. 3. Submissions should be emailed to under the subject line "Conference Theme."

Past themes:

2017 - America's National Guard: The Indispensable Force
2016 - The National Guard: Across Town, Around the World
2015 - The National Guard: Ready for America's Call
2014 - The National Guard: Now More Than Ever
2013 - America's National Guard: A Force Leaning Forward