Task Force on Domestic Operations

The first responsibility of any government and its defense establishment is to protect the lives and safety of its people. To that end, the Task Force on Domestic Operations will:

  • Develop and facilitate legislative strategies to enhance planning, training, programming, and budgeting for the operations of the National Guard in support of Homeland Security and Homeland Defense
  • Pursue commonalities with the Council of Governors, the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, AGAUS and other Guard organizations in efforts to connect and strengthen educational efforts with Congress
  • Partner with industry members to promote high standards of innovation and technology that benefit domestic operations
  • Provide policy guidance and expertise to NGAUS members and states and prioritize requirements and resolutions

Task Force Leadership

Chairman: BG Russell Crane, West Virginia

Executive Officer:  COL Chris P. Cmiel  cpc1910@gmail.com

FEMA Region Leaders

Region I:     LTC Michael Domingue, New Hampshire; COL Francis McGinn, Massachusetts

Region II:    COL Carlton Cleveland, New York

Region III:   COL John Wing, Pennsylvania

Region IV:   COL William J. Beiswenger, Jr., Florida

Region V:    BG Dana McDaniel, Ohio

Region VI:   CPT Rex Thomen, Arkansas

Region VII:  COL Howard Wheeler, Kansas

Region VIII:  COL Harold Walker, Wyoming

Region IX:   Open

Region X:    Open

Working Group Members:  CW5 John Vitt, Arizona; MAJ Dan Statz, Wisconsin; CPT Christina Thomas, Arizona

NGAUS Conference Task Force Presentation
(September 11, 2016)
Maj. Gen. James C. Witham, National Guard Bureau J3
Director, Domestic Operations and Force Development
Domestic Operations Task Force Meeting Industry Presentations
(November 16, 2016)