Combat Support/Mission Support (CS/MS) Task Force

The Combat Support/Mission Support (CS/MS) Task Force will: facilitate a strategy for fully equipping the communications and intelligence needs and the mission support needs throughout the Air National Guard; provide expert input to the resolutions process; and establish priorities that will ensure readiness for both the state and federal mission.

Chair: Col. J. Andrew  Roberts, MI
Vice Chair: Col. Sherrie McCandless, ID

MSG Council Chair: Col. Wendy K. Johnson

Lt. Col. Alan Peaslee

Col. Steve Butow, CA

MSG Council Chair: Col Wendy K. Johnson

Airborne Battle Management/C2 - Lt. Col. Gregor Leist, ORANG (Area VI)

Combat Comm., E&I and Base Comm. - Col. Norm Poklar, OHANG (Area II)

Combat Comm - Col. Christopher Dutton, PAANG (Area II)

Co-C2  - Col. Mark Auer, ILANG, (Area V)

Command and Control, C2 – Col. David San Clemente, MIANG (Area V)

Command & Control, C2  - Col. Rick Yoder, ILANG (Area V)

Command & Control, C2 - Lt. Col. William Neri, CTANG (Area I)

CRTC/BOS - Col. Lance Hester, MSANG (Area IV)

CRTC/BOS - Col. Ewin Sansom, MIANG (Area V)

JSTARS - Brig. Gen. Tom Moore, GAANG (Area III)

JSTARS - Col. William Welsh, GAANG (Area III)

Personnel Recovery & Guardian Angel - Maj. Ryan Montanez, CAANG (Area VI)

Rescue/Special Ops – Brig. Gen. Eric Weller, PAANG (Area II)

Rescue/Special Ops - Col. Amos Bagdasarian, CAANG (Area VI)

RPA - Col. Kevin Bradley, NYANG (Area I)

ISR - Col. Jeffrey Hauser, INANG (Area V)

Space/Cyber - Col. Loren Johnson, COANG (Area VI)

Strat Planning – Lt. Col. J. Andrew Roberts, MIANG (Area V)