Army Sustainment Task Force

The Army Sustainment Task Force will: facilitate a strategy for fully equipping the Army sustainment needs throughout the Army National Guard; provide expert input to the resolutions process; and establish priorities that will ensure readiness for both the state and federal mission.

Members updated October 2015

MG Beth Austin, NC

Vice Chairman                      

CW5 Joseph Quinn, MA
COL Diane Dunn, ME
COL Patrick Center, NY
LTC Joseph Richardson, NY

AREA II                               
MG Beth Austin, NC
LTC Anthony Adams, KY
MAJ Steve Engels, KY
CW5 Charles Lee, NC
CPT Michael Taft, NC
MAJ Neely Mahoney, NC
COL  Thomas Haidet, OH
MAJ Jeremy Coleman, PA
LTC Lawrence Dugan, PA

AREA III                              
BG Sly Cannon, AL
MG Allen Harrell, AL
BG Donald Tatum, AL
MAJ Brian Jezewski, SC
COL Tom von Weisenstein, TN

AREA IV                              
COL Ladenna Piper, LA
MAJ Joey Schmitz, MO
BG Gregory Kennedy, MS
MAJ Brad Hollingsworth, MS
LTC Thomas Peterson, TX

AREA V                               
CW4 Scott Wolff, IN
CPT Kristopher Daupert, IN
COL Mike Lee< MI
LTC Mark Gorzynski, MI
LTC Steven Moe, MN

AREA VI                              
LTC James Palembas, AK
CW5 John Vitt, AZ
MAJ Joseph Burdett, HI
COL Donald Rolph, OR
MAJ Charles Patzner, OR
COL Alan Dorow, WA