Army: Fire Support Task Force

The Fire Support Task Force will: facilitate a strategy for fully equipping the Fire Support, Field Artillery and Air Defense Units throughout the Army National Guard; provide expert input to the resolutions process; and establish priorities that will ensure readiness for both the state and federal mission.

BG Keith Klemmer

Vice Chairman
BG Tim Sheriff

Members at Large
BG Dallen Atack, UT
MG Luke Reiner, TAG-WY
MG Glen Moore, OK
BG Mark Anderson, WI
MG Glen Bramhall, AMDAC Chair

COL Paul Caviness, CofS DCG-ARNG, FCOE
LTC Brad Rittenhouse, FA DAC Ft Sill
LTC Les Towry, ADA DAC Ft. Sill
MAJ Mike Pezeshki, NGB-FAOI
COL Greg Lankford (OK ARNG), FAAC Chair
Mr Ed Maestas, ARNG-G8-RMQ 
COL Mark Berglund, Chief Force Management
LTC Beau Riley, NGB-ARQ
MAJ David Moser, NGB-ADA OI
COL Donnie Wilson, AMDAC Chair

The Task Force is represented by the ARNG Commanders, Units, and States of the FA and ADA community:

45th Field Artillery Brigade 45 FAB OK
1-129th FA (M777)  45 FAB MO
1-158th FA (H) 45 FAB OK
4-133rd FA (HIMARS) 45 FAB TX
1-271st BSB 45 FAB OK
65th Field Artillery Brigade 65 FAB UT
1-145th FA (M109A6) 65 FAB UT
1-178th FA (M109A6) 65 FAB SC
1-214th FA (M109A6) 65 FAB GA
2-222nd FA (M109A6) 65 FAB UT
5-113th FA (H) 65 FAB NC
340th BSB  65 FAB CA
115th Field Artillery Brigade 115 FAB WY
1-121st FA (H)  115 FAB WI
1-147th FA (MLRS) 115 FAB SD
1-151st FA (M777) 115 FAB MN
2-300th FA (H)  115 FAB WY
960th BSB 115 FAB WY
138th Field Artillery Brigade 138 FAB KY
1-623rd FA (HIMARS) 138 FAB KY
2-138th FA (M109A6) 138 FAB KY
2-150th FA (M777) 138 FAB IN
3-116th FA (H) 138 FAB FL
142nd Field Artillery Brigade 142 FAB AR
1-117th FA (M777)  142 FAB AL
1-142nd FA (MLRS) 142 FAB AR
1-181st FA (H)  142 FAB TN
2-142nd FA (M109A6) 142 FAB AR
217th BSB 142 FAB AR
169th Field Artillery Brigade 169 FAB CO
1-161st FA (M109A6) 169 FAB KS
2-123rd FA (M777)  169 FAB IL
2-130th FA (H)   169 FAB KS
3-157th FA (H) 169 FAB CO
147th BSB 169 FAB CO
197th Field Artillery Brigade 197 FAB NH
1-103rd FA (M777)  197 FAB RI
1-119th FA (M777)  197 FAB MI
1-182nd FA (H)  197 FAB MI
1-201st FA (M109A6) 197 FAB WV
3-197th FA (H) 197 FAB NH
3643rd BSB 197 FAB NH
1-107th FA (M119A2) 2 IBCT PA
1-108th FA (M777)  56 SBCT PA
1-109th FA (M109A6) 55 HBCT  PA
2-116th FA (M119A2) 53 IBCT  FL
1-111th FA (M119A2) 116 IBCT VA
1-113th FA (M109A6) 30 HBCT NC
1-120th FA (M119A2) 32 IBCT WI
1-125th FA (M109A6) 1 ABCT MN
1-148th FA (M109A6) 116 HBCT ID
1-194th FA (M119A2) 2/34 IBCT  IA
1-118th FA (M119A2) 48 IBCT GA
1-206th FA (M119A2) 39 IBCT  AR
2-122nd FA (M119A2) 33 IBCT IL
1-133rd FA (M119A2)  72 IBCT TX
1-160th FA (M119A2) 45 IBCT OK
2-114th FA (P)  155 HBCT MS
3-133rd FA (M777A2/M119A3) 56 IBCT TX
1-134th FA (M777A2/M119A3) 37 IBCT OH
1-163rd FA (M119A2) 76 IBCT IN
278 ACR (M109A6)  HBCT 278 ACR TN
1-487th FA (M119A2) 29 IBCT  HI
2-146th FA (M109A6)  81 HBCT WA
2-218th FA (M119A2) 41 IBCT OR
1-144th FA (M109A6) HBCT 11ACR CA
1-101st FA (M119A2)  86 IBCT MA
3-112th FA (M119A2) 50 IBCT NJ
426th (RTI-WI)  WI  
1-139th (RTI-NC) NC  
1-238th (RTI-KY) KY  
1-426th (RTI-WI) WI  
3-640th (RTI-UT) UT  
196th (RTI-SD) SD  
1-213th (RTI-WY) WY  
235th (RTI-KS) KS  
136th (RTI-TX) TX  
2-129th (RTI-IL) IL  
195th (RTI-NH) NH  
2-233rd (RTI-AR) AR  
2-166th (RTI-PA) PA  
1-101st (RTI-MA) MA  
298th (RTI-HI) HI  
2-263 ADA SC  
1-265 ADA FL  
3-265 ADA FL  
1-174TH ADA OH  
2-174 ADA OH  
1-188 ADA ND  
1-204 ADA MS  
100TH GMD CO