Air: Combat Air Forces Task Force

The Combat Air Forces Task Force will: facilitate the strategy for transformation and modernization of Air National Guard fighter missions; provide expert input to the resolutions process; and establish priorities that will ensure readiness for both the state and federal mission.

Col. Jeffrey J. Wiegand


A-10: Col. David Augustine

F-15: Col. Ken "Jethro" Lambrich (F-15)

F-16: Col. Steve Nordhaus

F-35: Brig. Gen. Michael Loh

F-22: Vacant

MQ-9: Col. Greg Semmel

CAF Maintenance: Col. Chris Alderdice

HH-60: Lt. Col. Darrin Slaten

B-2: Col. Ken Eaves

RC-26: Vacant

Virtual Ops: Maj. Heather Penney (Lockheed Martin) *non-voting