Retiree/Separated Focus

Retiree Memberships

Retired or separated National Guard officers can stay connected to the Guard, help bolster the quality of life of other Guard retirees and contribute to improving the readiness of the current force by joining NGAUS. Annual individual memberships for retired/separated are $45. A lifetime membership is $125. Both come with all the standard benefits of membership, including a subscription to NATIONAL GUARD. They are available through state/territory Guard associations or via the new online membership tab at www.ngaus.org (click here).

Retiree Luncheon & Caucus (Click here to read feedback.)

The Retiree Luncheon & Caucus took place Sept. 11 at the 138th General Conference & Exhibition in Baltimore.

Shellie Sweeney, the Kansas Retiree - Air Representative, gave a presentation during the caucus outlining the best practices that Kansas uses to engage their retirees. (click here to view notes) We know other states have great ideas for getting their retirees involved, increasing life memberships, etc. We would like to hear some of the best practices from other states. Please take a moment to share your ideas and successes. Send them to ngaus@ngaus.org


NGAUS will add a short business session to the popular event that will include speakers and an open forum for retirees and separated National Guard officers to express their experiences, ideas and concerns.

“Many retirees attending the conference over the last couple of years have expressed an interest in conducting more retiree business at the conference,” said retired Brig. Gen. David Brubaker of Indiana, the Retired-Air representative on the association’s board of directors. “We have worked with the NGAUS board and president to include this important forum for the retirees.”

Brubaker and retired Brig. Gen. Daryl McCall of Oklahoma, the new Retired-Army representative, will organize and conduct the session, which will be called a “caucus.”

They will be looking to capture more retiree input to help shape the NGAUS legislative agenda. They also seek to improve communication among retirees and get more of them involved in the association.

“We want to find out how we can better serve our retirees,” McCall said. “At the same time, National Guard retirees have the time and talent to help today’s force. They want to stay connected. They want to help make a difference. We need to tap that.”

The tentative caucus agenda includes a legislative update, a briefing on TRICARE, a tribute to Vietnam veterans, a presentation on state association best practices for retirees and an open forum.

Brubaker and McCall said the event in the future will reflect the feedback they receive after the first retiree caucus.

The Retiree Luncheon & Caucus is set for Sunday, Sept. 11, after the Second Business Session of the 138th General Conference & Exhibition.

Brubaker and McCall can be contacted via retirees@ngaus.org.