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Washington Report (April 25, 2017) The Army National Guard faces potential cuts to training if Congress passes a yearlong continuing resolution, says Lt. Gen. Timothy J. Kadavy, the service’s director. The government is currently operating under a continuing resolution through April 28. A yearlong... Read more
Washington Report (February 28, 2017) Democrats and Republicans have problems with President Donald Trump’s first proposed defense budget. Some Republicans think the hike of $54 billion above legislated spending caps to $603 billion for the base budget is not enough, while Democrats recoil at... Read more
Washington Report (February 21, 2017) Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, President Donald Trump’s pick to serve as his national security advisor, is a supporter of the Total Force policy, which he made clear during two appearances at two annual NGAUS conferences. In 2014, McMaster, 54 and a graduate of the U.... Read more
Washington Report (February 21, 2017) A document calling for the mobilization of 100,000 National Guard troops to help with the capture and detention of illegal immigrants is a low-level, unapproved discussion paper and is not a plan being considered, according to the White House. Sean Spicer, the... Read more
Washington Report (January 31, 2017) Lawmakers and veterans groups are seeking exemptions to the 90-day travel ban instituted Friday for Iraqis who worked for the U.S. military or fought alongside American troops. The Pentagon is compiling a list of Iraqi citizens who deserve special consideration... Read more
Washington Report (January 24, 2017) A few National Guard members among the 7,500 taking part last week in the inauguration of President Donald Trump got a chance for an up-close connection with the new president at the history-making event. That included two people with NGAUS ties. Yashika Fowler... Read more
Washington Report (January 17, 2017) Maj. Gen. Errol R. Schwartz, the commander of the District of Columbia National Guard, has declined an offer to stay in the job past noon Friday. The offer from the transition team came after it was reported that he would leave his post immediately after... Read more
Washington Report (January 10, 2017) Plans for the inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump in a little over a week are being finalized. Anyone coming to the nation’s capital to view the swearing in of the nation’s 45th president should know that tickets are not necessary to watch him take... Read more
(January 3, 2017) President-elect Donald Trump lost two candidates for the Department of Veterans Affairs secretary position over the weekend. Luis Quinonez, a Florida businessman, said health concerns kept him from seeking the job, and Toby Cosgrove, the chief-executive officer of Cleveland Clinic... Read more
Washington Report (September 27, 2016) With the possibility of a government shutdown at the end of the week, the NGAUS legislative staff expects Congress to pass some sort of bill to keep the government running, but there are still discrepancies that need to be worked out in the Senate. The Senate... Read more