NGAUS Washington Report (April 9, 2013) When the president unveils his budget Wednesday, higher fees for Defense Department health care is expected to be one of its recommendations. News reports ahead of the budget’s release mention an almost certain effort by the Pentagon to cut down on its... Read more
(April 4, 2013) Many military members and retirees, including National Guard members and their families, are being denied health care by physicians who are unaware of the TRICARE program. A Government Accountability Office study released this week found that about 620,000 potential recipients of... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report (Jan. 29, 2013) Higher co-payments for prescription drugs covered by TRICARE will go into effect Friday, the health provider reminds participants. The fiscal 2013 National Defense Authorization Act requires TRICARE to increase co-pays on brand name and nonformulary... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report (Jan. 15, 2013) Recipients of TRICARE Prime who live more than 40 miles from a military treatment facility or base closure site will have to move to a fee-for-service version of the health insurance. As of Oct. 1, TRICARE Prime, the military’s managed-care option, will end... Read more
As we close out another great year at NGAUS and wave goodbye to 2012, we look back on what we set out to accomplish for the National Guard this year and reflect on our victories.  In January, the NGAUS legislative staff developed the Top Priorities, our annual list of issues that would be leading... Read more
(Dec. 20, 2012) The 2013 National Defense Authorization Act which could pass Congress this week includes expanded space-available travel for the National Guard, but limits hikes to TRICARE fees below those requested by the Defense Department. Space-available travel on DoD aircraft will be open to... Read more
Yesterday the Senate began debate and consideration of S.3254, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  The managers of the bill and ranking members on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) and John McCain (R-AZ) brought the bill to the floor in the hopes that they... Read more
The NGAUS Insurance Trust (NGAUS-IT) was created in 1963 to assist in the administration of retirement planning and death benefits for military technicians and their families. These insurance programs were authorized by Executive Order 10996 (Feb. 16, 1962) and Article 5 U.S.C., Section 5518, which... Read more
NGAUS Welcomes Arizona National Guard to DC Today, NGAUS welcomed 40 young officers from the Arizona National Guard to the National Guard Memorial building here in Washington, DC where they listened to a Legislative Briefing from Acting Director, Pete Duffy, and a Membership Briefing from... Read more