I was part of a small delegation that was sent last month to Normandy, France, by the National Guard Educational Foundation.  It was my first time seeing the National Guard Monument which was dedicated by NGAUS on June 6, 1969, to pay tribute to the Guardsmen who fought in France in World War I and... Read more
The challenges and opportunities of the National Guard's changing environment suggest the need for enhanced capacity to act as one voice - that is, to chart strategic directions and mobilize the National Guard community around those directions. The NGAUS strategic plan sets the direction for... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report (May 7, 2013) The National Guard Memorial Museum and Library has been awarded a grant to help it assess the preservation of its collection of rare National Guard artifacts. The museum received a $3,490 grant from the National Institute for Conservation’s 2013 Conservation... Read more
Letters to Congress and the Executive Branch On behalf of the nearly 460,000 men and women of the National Guard, NGAUS regularly reaches out to members of Congress and the Executive Branch on issues of importance. Below is an archive of the letters that have been sent on your behalf.  2015 Letters... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report (April 30, 2013) The National Guard Educational Foundation could receive support from the National Guard if a bill introduced last week by Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, becomes law. The NGEF would join organizations like the Boy Scouts of America, the Civil Air Patrol, the... Read more
Sixty-two years after the start of the American Revolution, on July 4, 1837, at the Independence Day celebration in Concord, Mass., the phrase the “shot heard round the world” was first uttered.   Coined by Ralph Waldo Emerson in his poem “Concord Hymn,” it refers to the first shot fired at the... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report (March 19, 2013) The National Guard Educational Foundation formally welcomed eight new major financial donors Saturday evening at a special reception at the National Guard Memorial, the NGAUS headquarters in Washington, D.C. The eight contributed a total of $120,000 to join... Read more
On March 20, 2003 -- ten years ago today --  the ground invasion of Iraq began. National Guard troops were a crucial part of the initial invasion, and by the time U.S. troops were withdrawn in December 2011, more than 286,000 Army and Air Guardsmen had served in Iraq. The Guard’s crucial... Read more